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Lines of Credit up to $250,000


No financial documentation
"Makes Sense" underwriting
Fast. Transparent. Reliable.

FundingPilot offers business owners, like yourself, a wide variety of options for those seeking a Business Line of Credit. There are many benefits for each type of business line of credit and we guarantee one or more will fit exactly what you're looking for.
These credit lines offer the ease of a credit card and the flexibility of check book, leaving virtually unlimited possibilities.
Please complete the form below in order to determine how much of a business line of credit you are Pre-Approved for; it takes under 2 minutes! For other questions please contact the Credit Line Department directly via email at or contact us by phone at 888-860-2844.

Have a question? Call us at 888-860-2844

Loan Amounts: $10,000 - $250,000

Rate: 0% Interest for first 6 - 12 months

Collateral requirement: N/A

Credit Needed: 680+ FICO

Co-signer allowed? YES

Approval Time: 1 - 3 days

Other: Stated-Income or Full-doc options available

Unsecured Line of Credit

Equipment Line of Credit

Loan Amounts: $10,000 - $250,000

Terms: 0% interest, first 6-12 months

Payment: Monthly

Collateral: None required

Credit Needed: 680+ FICO

Pre-Approval Time: 24 hours

Time to Fund: 2-3 weeks

Startup Line of Credit

Loan Amounts: $10,000 - $250,000

Rates: 0% interest for first 6 - 12 months

Collateral requirement: N/A

Credit Needed: 680+ FICO

Co-signer allowed?: YES

Approval Time: 1 - 3 days

Other: Stated-Income, no financial needed.

Fix & Flip Line of Credit

Line Amounts: $10,000 - $250,000

Rates: 0% interest for first 6 - 12 months

Collateral requirement: N/A

Credit Needed: 680+ FICO

Co-signer allowed?: YES

Approval Time: 1 - 4 days

Other: Stated-Income and Full-doc options available

Business Credit Cards

Line Amounts: $10,000 - $250,000

Rates: 0% Interest for first 6 - 24 months

Collateral requirement: NO

Credit Needed: 680+ FICO

Co-signer allowed?: YES

Approval Time:  1 - 3 days

Other: Stated-Income & Full-doc programs available

We're the best at what we do for a reason...

FLEXIBILITY. No more needing to go from bank to bank trying to find small business loans, we cover it all. Whether your credit is strong or poor we have business lending programs to meet your capital needs.

FOCUS. We're 100% focused on small business owners like yourself. We deliver results nationwide and have funding specialists available 6 days per week.

SPEED. We save you lots of time when looking for a small business loan. You answer a few questions and we show you your options. We make getting a small business loan simple and fast.

TRUST. We take care of you every step of the way. Our business lending advisors believe in your business and care about your success. It’s an experience you’ll tell your friends about, guaranteed! Did we mention our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau?




Learn more about our Lending Programs, Qualifying, and how you can take steps to get the business funding you need.


  • Unsecured Business Loans

  • Secured Business Loans

  • Startup Business Loans

  • Accounts Receivable Loans

  • Asset-Based Loans

  • Fix & Flip Loans

  • Merchant Cash Advance

  • Interest-Only Business Loans




  • Unsecured Line of Credit

  • Secured Line of Credit

  • Startup Line of Credit

  • Fix & Flip Line of Credit

  • Receivables Line of Credit

  • Asset-Based Line of Credit

  • Business Credit Cards

  • Some of our loan programs don't have credit score requirements! No worries!


  • Don't have collateral? That's fine! We have many "unsecured" lending programs which don't require the use of collateral. 


  • Don't want to show income documents? Ask about our "Stated-Income Program," since no financials are required!


  • Worried about "time in business" requirements? Whether you've been in business for 1 day or 22 years, we have funding programs that you need!


$794,000 FUNDED!

When a manufacturing company in Pennsylvania needed to meet a large purchase order request they needed funding quickly to meet their demand. Within a matter of 5 business days they were funded and are continuing to leverage our business lending programs to further grow their successful business.

LOAN TYPE: Asset-Based Loan

$28,600 FUNDED!

When a local bakery / cafe was in need of some working capital FundingPilot was able to step in and get their business $28,600 in under 48 hours!

LOAN TYPE: Merchant Cash Advance

$225,000 FUNDED!

Mark & Samantha needed to renovate their location but couldn't qualify for a commercial renovation loan, nor most business loans due to credit score blemishes. By using an investment property they owned as collateral we were able to fund them $225,000 in 9 days.

LOAN TYPE: Secured Business Loan

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